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Is U-P-R-O really just T.A.P.S?

Confused by U-P-R-O and T.A.P.S?
T.A.P.S stands for The Atlantic Paranormal Society
U-P-R-O stands for the United Paranormal Research Organization.
T.A.P.S – The Atlantic Paranormal Society is a New England based Paranormal research team
founded by Jason Hawes and featured on the show Ghost Hunters.

 – The United Paranormal Research Organization is a network that was created by the T.A.P.S team to connect
and unify Paranormal Investigators from around the World.
The goal is to strengthen the Paranormal field with unity, Respect and friendship while helping those in need.
These Paranormal research groups and individuals are their own entities and have their own Views and beliefs.
They work closely with one another to help those who need assistance and further the field of Paranormal Studies.
There is no cost for assistance.

U-P-R-O is an extension of T.A.P.S and the T.A.P.S Family.

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