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Is U-P-R-O really T.A.P.S?

In case you are confused by U-P-R-O and T.A.P.S, Let us explain the difference
T.A.P.S stands for The Atlantic Paranormal Society and
U-P-R-O stands for the United Paranormal Research Organization.
T.A.P.S –The Atlantic Paranormal Society is a local Paranormal research group in New England that was started by Jason Hawes and was featured on the show Ghost Hunters.

 – The United Paranormal Research Organization is a network of Organizations around the World. This network was assembled by T.A.P.S  and consists of numerous Paranormal research groups that are their own entities. These groups cover the Globe and work closely with one another to help those who need assistance 100% free of cost all while trying to strengthen the Paranormal field with unity.
U-P-R-O is an extension of T.A.P.S and the T.A.P.S Family.

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