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Terrifying two-hour special in real house from The Conjuring to air on TV

A two-hour special from the real-life house that inspired The Conjuring movies is set to air on TV.

At the San Diego Comic-Con event over the weekend, it was announced that a Ghost Adventures Halloween Special would take place in the famously haunted house, airing on October 31st.

The production is set to take place in the old farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island, which was where the Perron family is said to have experienced a horrifying haunting back in the 1970s. They called in famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who inspired the leads in the horror movie franchise. 

The house is said to be haunted by a woman called Bathsheba Sherman. The story of Sherman appears to have been twisted for Hollywood purposes, as well as getting exaggerated through storytelling and legends. 

As it turns out, Bathsheba Sherman really did exist and is buried Harrisvile Cemetary. She died in 1885 and was roughly aged 72 or 73 at the time of her death. According to The Paranormal Guide, Sherman was accused by her local community as being a witch, after an infant died in her care. It is unclear who the child belonged to, but local people speculated that the child was killed by Sherman in a sacrificial ritual for the devil. 

Unlike the movie, Sherman did not die by hanging, but of natural causes in old age it seems. She did, however, face a life of judgement from the people of the community after she was found not guilty, due to lack of evidence. It was Sherman that was believed to have haunted the Perron family. 

The house in the movie The Conjuring

The house in The Conjuring, inspired by the home of the Perron family. (via The Conjuring/WarnerBros.)

Taking to Twitter, Ghost Adventures write “Halloween is going to be extra spooky! The Ghost Adventures crew will investigate the house that inspired The Conjuring films. You’re not going to want to miss this.”

The show is set to air on TRVL Channel in the US and Really for UK and Irish audiences.

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