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A Falkland, B.C., based production company has been investigating suspected paranormal activity across Canada and in the province’s Interior for its show True North Paranormal.

The team behind the show also has a YouTube series, Paranormal Probes, which delves into unexplainable activity at locations in the southern Interior such as at the Vernon Towne Cinema and the Whispers Adult Superstore in Kamloops.

On Wednesday, a new Paranormal Probes episode will premier on the big screen in Vernon at the same location it was shot in — the Vernon Towne Cinema.

“Not only are you getting to see our very first investigation on camera, but you’re getting to see it in the building that we filmed it in,” said John Kosuzka, a paranormal investigator and co-host of the show. His wife, Karina Kosuzka, hosts the show with him and is a medium.

This episode investigates the theory that the former owner of the theatre is haunting moviegoers. 

Producer Dean Trumbley is particularly looking forward to the premiere because he grew up in the North Okanagan city.

“I saw my very first movie, which was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in the Vernon Towne Cinema. So, to go there … is very exciting,” he said.


Most of the show’s filming locations are based on tips they receive from the public.

They filmed an episode of Paranormal Probes at the Whispers Adult Superstore in Kamloops after an employee contacted the team asking them to check out some activity inside, Trumbley told Daybreak Kamloops’  Courtney Dickson.

The store used to be the location of a funeral home.

An employee at the Whispers Adult Superstore in Kamloops tipped the team off at True North Paranormal about paranormal acitivity in the store’s basement. (Jenifer Norwell/CBC)

“A lot of the activity that we can’t explain is in the basement and especially in the back corner room, but upstairs here we really didn’t get a whole lot,” said Trumbley.

When they filmed in the basement, they heard banging sounds, and Kosuzka’s shirt was tugged, he said.

“Literally you can see his shirt on camera pull up,” said Trumbley. 

He also said they heard a “disembodied voice”  say the word “bad” from about seven feet behind them, even though they were alone. 

While in the basement of Whispers Adult Superstore in Kamloops, Kosuzka said, they caught on camera his shirt being tugged upwards, even though there was no one standing near him. (Submitte by True North Paranormal)

However, the banging sounds did not make it into the episode, because there is a chance it was caused by the exposed pipes in the basement, said Trumbley.

They usually only include stuff in the episodes that they consider “unexplainable,” he added.

“Some of the stuff that we did have happen that we can’t explain, you know definitely would indicate to us that maybe there is some sort of activity happening here, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying, this is a hot spot.”

Changed skeptic

“I actually am a skeptic,” said Trumbley.

The producer comes from a university science background.

“I’m a research biologist, so I clearly question everything that we do.”

However, his time filming the show has changed his perspective on ghosts.

“I can honestly say that there definitely is stuff that has happened within my realm of knowledge I cannot explain,” said Trumbley. 

“When it comes to skeptics, my job isn’t to change your mind. My job is simply to report what I find and allow you to make your own decisions,” added Kosuzka. “This is what we found. This is what we’ve ruled out. This is what we can’t explain. Now it’s up to you.”

A production company in Kamloops has been investigating paranormal experiences all across the country, including right here in the Thompson Okanagan; they met up with Daybreak’s Courtney Dickson at an adult store to share their findings. 7:04

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