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AMHERST, N.S. – Investigators of the paranormal recently visited Dayle’s Grand Market in Amherst and left with a trove of information.

“The amount of data to go through is enormous, but I can’t wait to finish it and present it to the staff, as well as investigate there again,” said Earl Lattie in a Facebook post following his team’s visit to Amherst.

Lattie is the lead investigator and founder of Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia, and the visit happened after Lattie read about paranormal activity experienced by several people at the market.

On the evening of March 17, Lattie and his team was joined by Karen McKinnon, owner/operator of Maritime Mosaic at Dayle’s Grand Market, along with several others from Dayle’s.

McKinnon says ‘one particular thing happened’ in front of the entire team.

“I was leaning on the shelving that’s around the poles, and there’s a cheerleading sign on the other side of the pole, which wasn’t touching me at all, it wasn’t even close to me,” said McKinnon. “As they were recording, they were asking questions, and all of a sudden the sign flew off the shelf and onto the ground.”

They also heard noises coming from the attic.

“One time we were all sitting there and all of a sudden you hear what sounded like ping pong balls dropping on the ceiling, and we all went up to the attic and there were balls laying up against the back wall,” said McKinnon.

On April 2, the investigators posted recordings and video to their Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia website.

At the bottom of the posting Lattie writes, “One of the coolest things that you can experience when you are taking part in investigations or the events that we hold is to hear or see something with your own senses, and all of us had this happen right before we left for the night.”

He says they were standing on the staircase chatting, when they ‘heard people walking above them and things being moving around.’

“It sounded like carts with wooden wheels were being rolled in the attic, as if someone was still getting orders ready to go to the showroom below,” said Lattie. “For at least five minutes, all eight of us stood there not saying a word, staring at the ceiling above us and listening.”

Lattie says the team will return to Dayle’s later in April to collect more data, and will return later to present their findings at a public meeting.

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