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A bad Tinder experience and a pair of alleged paranormal encounters come together to concoct this soulful breakup song.

Recorded in his home studio, Owen Denvir wrote his new single ‘Ghost’ to deal with being ghosted on Tinder. For those unfamiliar, ghosting is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. “I need to give up your ghost / I need to fall out of love / But I’m addicted to you“, he sings over a haunting piano melody.

He also recalls a paranormal run-in that he presumed to be a metaphysical stamp of approval while writing the song. He recounts having heard a repeated tapping noise on the rear window of his car while driving alone one night. A week later, his sister thought she heard Denvir having a chat in that very car only to find him in the kitchen.

Trained as an orchestral viola player, the Belfast-born singer-songwriter draws influences from the likes of Bon Iver and Bach. ‘Ghost’ is the first single off his upcoming EP, Sticks. The EP will be the first of three to be released and eventually combined to create his debut album, Sticks, Stones, & Bones.

He previously recorded and produced the album, Music & Memories: Voices of Belfast with Peter J McCauley which features residents of East and West Belfast care homes singing their favourite classic folk songs.


Denvir will be performing at the Foggy Brew in Belfast tomorrow, 7 September at a sold-out show to launch the single and upcoming EP trilogy.

Check out the music video for ‘Ghost’ here:

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