Washoe Overnight Ghost Hunt


Join us for a once in a lifetime, real life ghost adventure at the infamous Washoe Club

The Washoe Club a three-story brick structure opened in 1875 who’s first floor is currently occupied by a Saloon and the two upper stories and currently unoccupied. This towering brick building lies in the heart of Virginia City’s bustling C Street and has quite the paranormal history and is believed to be one of the most haunted locations in the West. The Washoe Club has been repeatedly featured on ghost-hunting television shows, most specifically, Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, and SyFy’s Ghost Hunters. A legitimately creepy crypt and museum dedicated to the mystery of the building lends serious credibility to the ghostly claims connected to the property.

The event will begin with a meet-n-greet where we will start our overnight adventure with a fun and interesting Ghost Hunting 101 course complete with PowerPoint and course handouts. Participants will also get to learn how to use the most modern paranormal detection equipment.
Participants will also receive an NWCS collectible lanyard and ID specific for this event. Light snacks and refreshments will be served.
After the meet-n-greet and training students will embark on an overnight ghost investigation and utilize the skills and equipment they learned about to explore the various levels of the infamous Washoe Club. The terrain can be dangerous and dependent on weather can be cold as well. Please plan your trip accordingly. Restrooms are available at this location. If you are traveling for this event, please make alternative lodging arrangements.
Also, please bring food and snacks if you feel you may get hungry during the night.

Please be prepared with a flashlight and any other items you will need for your adventure as it will be dark.

Northwest Curiosity Society
Event Website:
Date of Event:
Friday, 24 April, 2020
Time of Event:
6 PM – 3 AM PDT
Ticket Price:
112 S C St, Virginia City, NV 89440-9800
City and State:
Virginia City, NV

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