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Codnor Castle near Derby is a medieval castle which sits right on the border between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

The castle is now in ruins after it was nearly completely dismantled in 1643 and is surrounded by countryside that has been parkland for a hundreds of years.

Its most haunted place comes from the annual survey done by Higgypop which ranks the top 100 most haunted locations in the UK based on longevity of the haunting, numbers of reports, the type of paranormal activity and credibility of witnesses.

Codnor Castle has been ranked as 11th most haunted in the UK

But this year it also took into account whether the location has appeared in the news in the last 12 months or have been featured in a prominent paranormal investigation or television shows.

A spokesman from Higgypop said: “The castle ruins and abandoned farmhouse at Codnor have leapt up our top 100 list this year, in fact the remote location is this year’s highest climber.

“The reason for the location’s huge climb is the amount of interest it has received over the last year.

“The farmhouse and the castle feature as an integral part of ‘The Parapod Movie’, the long awaited feature film that started its life as a paranormal podcast.”

A spokesman from Codnor Castle said: “We’re the highest climber in the annual Higgypop survey of the Top 100 Most Haunted Places In The UK.

“Not only that, but at number 11 we’re the highest-rated location in Derbyshire, higher than Derby Gaol at number 91 and Elvaston Castle at number 89, a climb of no less than 40 places.

“Proof, if proof were needed, that Codnor Castle is truly a world-beating location in more ways than one.”

The castle has also resumed taking bookings from paranormal groups after the coronavirus lockdown.

In keeping with Covid-19 guidelines guests will be kept to a maximum of ten per booking to ensure social distancing.

To book a night of ghost hunting visit Ghosts of Codnor Farmhouse and Castle’s page on Facebook.

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