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Mashpee author Kathryn Perrone, who writes under the pen name Kathryn Knight, has a new book out. “Ghost Moon” was released earlier this spring and is also available as an audiobook.

An award-winning author who writes most often in the genre of paranormal romance, Ms. Perrone’s titles include “Gull Harbor,” “Silver Lake,” “Dangerous Currents,” “Haunted Souls” and “Divine Fall.”

“The Haunting of Hillwood Farm,” published in 2019, was a Paranormal Romance Guild reviewers choice award winner as well as a winner in the category of best paranormal book from InD’tale Magazine, which specializes in independent and small-press book publishers. Ms. Perrone recently signed a movie option for the book as well.

Like her other novels, “Ghost Moon” is a standalone read, meaning it is not part of a series. While the characters in “Gull Harbor” make a cameo appearance in “Haunted Souls,” the books can be read in any order.

Ms. Perrone customarily sets her books on the Cape, and her new release is no different. The action of “Ghost Moon” takes place in Truro where protagonist Lark Cavanaugh finds herself reeling from a relationship gone awry. Having fled New York City, Lark retreats to a recently inherited house in Truro built in the 1940s.

Ms. Perrone wastes no time in getting to the action. The moment Lark arrives at the house in Truro she sees a mystery face in an upstairs window. Intruder or apparition?

The tension builds when Lark’s cat mysteriously becomes ill in the middle of the night and needs emergency veterinary care.

Enter Jesse Holt, the handsome, motorcycle-riding veterinarian who, as it turns out, lives next door to Lark. Will Lark let herself love again? Will she discover what disturbing long-ago events at the house led to the sad but also dangerous figure who haunts the upstairs bedroom?

“I write to entertain readers and allow a pleasant escape into a suspenseful fictional world,” Ms. Perrone said, adding that some of the underlying themes of “Ghost Moon” include “finding inner strength, dealing with tragedy and loss, taking chances, establishing trust and building relationships.”

Over the course of writing seven novels, Ms. Perrone said her process has developed into a sequence that begins with coming up with the general story arc and then going on to imagining her characters and their goals, motivation and conflicts.

“Then I write the first few chapters to see how the story begins to develop. I go back over those chapters, take notes and make changes, and at that point I have a better idea of how everything will unfold,” she said.

In “Ghost Moon” as well as in several of her other novels, in addition to the protagonist, animals, specifically pets, take center stage as part of the story line. In “Dangerous Currents,” it’s the heroine’s dog who unearths a murder victim in the woods. In “Ghost Moon,” Lark’s cat provides the catalyst for Lark and Jesse to meet, but Preston also provides Lark with a much-needed confident. Jesse’s two dogs are also active characters in the book.

“I absolutely love animals, and I’m passionate about rescue. As companions for my characters, they allow insight into the character’s personality and a means of interaction if the character is alone in a scene. In addition, since I often write ghost mysteries, the animals in the story provide a method to show there is something paranormal going on, since animals are thought to be sensitive to things humans may not be,” she said.

Ms. Perrone said the pandemic only affected the release date of “Ghost Moon.” Rather than delay the release, Ms. Perrone was able to push up the release date. “I know readers were looking for things to do during the stay-at-home advisory,” she said.

As for advice for would-be writers or aspiring quarantine journalists?

“Getting started is often the hardest part, so I’d suggest writing that first page. Editing can always be done later, once you have the first few chapters, or even an entire rough draft.”

“Ghost Moon” is available locally at Market Street Bookshop in Mashpee Commons and Eight Cousins Books in Falmouth.

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