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In January, the Lizzie Borden House was put on the market for $2 million. Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, this infamous property currently operates as a bed and breakfast and museum dedicated to the sinister legacy of the alleged ax murderer, Now, breaks the news that the house has a promising offer…and the buyer is totally down to continue Borden’s haunting historical legacy.

Meet Lance Zaal, who is no stranger to the ghosts and spirits world. He is the creator of Lily, a supernatural doll that wards off ghosts and ghouls around Halloween. He also operates US Ghost Adventures, which offers ghost tours in over 35 states. And he’s soon to be the owner of the Borden House.

Once the deal is inked, Zaal and US Ghost Adventures will own the deed to where Borden was thought to have used a hatchet to brutally murder her father and stepmother in 1892. While Borden was acquitted of the crime in 1893, the mystery of the deaths still remains unsolved — giving this property a rather eerie energy.

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Since the late 1990s, this home-turned-murder scene has been open to the public for overnight stays as well as tours — with reports from guests citing its haunting nature. One overnight guest went as far as to call it “the most haunted place that I’ve ever stayed.”

Zaal told that he is dedicated to keeping this business running and even plans to add a few new activities for guests. “We’ll be adding several different events for both visitors and locals. We want this to be a place where people can kind of come in just to have a good time as well,” he told the outlet. “We really want to give more people a reason to go there—so more activities and more events.”

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Themes like Victorian dinners, nightly tours, murder mystery dinners, escape rooms, ghost hunts, and more are also on the table. Not to mention, Zaal plans to add some sort of ax throwing activity to the guest experience. In fact, he and his team are even considering producing an official Lizzie Borden Ax to sell to guests.

lizzie borden house
The Lizzie Borden House is filled with gorgeous pieces from the Victorian era.

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When it comes to educating guests about Borden’s story, Zaal explained that US Ghost Adventures will stick to nothing but the facts: “We don’t sensationalize anything, we just tell the story,” he explained. “We talk about the history and the things that happened there, and then we talk about the hauntings and the things that people experience.”

We’re sure glad to see that the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast and museum will continue to stay open to the public and relay this ghastly tale. If you’re looking to snatch up your own piece of Lizzie Borden real estate, you’re in luck. Following her acquittal, Borden and her sister moved to a new home which has since been dubbed Maplecroft. This home, which is still available to buy after being first listed last year, is where she was said to have spent her final years. You can learn more about that listing here.

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