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The three day weekend is upon us and many are looking for different ways to celebrate the holiday weekend. If you’re in a spooky mood and are looking for something different to do, kick off the weekend with a ghostly stroll among the spirits in one of El Paso’s oldest neighborhoods.

Lost El Paso Paranormal is hosting a Sunset Heights Ghost Walk on Friday (5/28). Tickets are still available, and are only $20 per person, which you can purchase here. Because Lost El Paso Paranormal is still taking steps to keep guests safe, space is limited and masks will be required.

Lost El Paso Paranormal

For this tour, Lost El Paso Paranormal invites you to stroll the historically beautiful neighborhood and “discover the secrets of the tunnels hidden beneath the infamous Turtle House… learn stories of haunted dolls & ghostly apparitions lurking within the elegant Burges House… hear firsthand tales of our paranormal investigations of the haunted Hixson House… and so much more.”

Lost El Paso Paranormal

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in a city that’s already steeped rich in history, it’s no surprise that Sunset Heights is deemed haunted. Heather Shade of Lost El Paso Paranormal is such a great story teller and having conducted several tours of the neighborhood, investigating the neighborhood is sure to be a great time because you can guarantee that there are haunted locations around every corner.

Lost El Paso Paranormal

Kick off your holiday weekend with this killer ghost tour and walk among the spirits in Sunset Heights. Get your tickets here and follow Lost El Paso Paranormal for more info! Happy hauntings!

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