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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — If you’ve ever heard noises and thought a building was haunted, you’re not alone. A group of local paranormal investigators is making its way through the Midstate, checking out the explainable.

Paranormal investigators were at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center this past weekend looking for ghosts and spirits.

The mansion that is home to HMAC was built in 1865. Through the years, employees have heard and seen some explainable things.

“I myself have had a few experiences within the first couple weeks that I started working here, hearing little things, scratches, tables or chairs being moved across the floor, things out of the corner of your eye,” bar manager Jennifer Palladino said.

A new show called “Truth or Legends in your Hometown” is looking for places like HMAC to investigate.

“Whenever something happens like that, the first thing that we like to do is debunk it or try to find a logical explanation, why it happened, a scientific explanation,” paranormal investigator Tom Shirey said. “Paranormal doesn’t necessarily mean ghosts, it just means it can’t be explained by scientific means.”

Shirey and his team Thru the Veil Investigations explored HMAC last weekend.

“We had five members and we all heard things, voices in real-time,” Shirey said. “We heard children giggling and laughing in the pool area. We heard adults talking to us.”

They’re one of 28 teams chosen across the country to cover 20 states for the new TV show.

“We ask a lot of questions and you never know what question is going to prompt an answer,” Shirey said. “We can’t make a spirit talk on command, but I think they always like us. We always have that positive energy with us.”

Season one is being filmed now. Shirey hopes to be in season three. Thru the Veil Investigations plans to film their episode Nov. 23.

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