Several slow flickering UFOs in the sky over Bloomington, Minnesota 29-May-2021


This strange UFO activity was filmed in the sky above Bloomington, Minnesota on 29th April 2021.

Witness report: Spotted some weird lights in the sky that dimmed on and off … these are two different clips pieced together of the same lights in the sky, from two vantage points. Sighting took place on May 29, 2021 at approx 9:30 pm at Bush Lake Park in Bloomington, MN. Lights observed approx 30 mins. No sound, just lights. I actually left before lights completed disappeared so duration of lights in the sky was longer than 30 mins. Video recorded with an IPhone. The ONLY edits to these clips are: sound removed, two video clips combined into one to show you the two vantage points, and clip sped up so you can see lights change a little better (it’s more obvious when video is sped up). Original footage is over 7 mins long.

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