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ATCHISON, KS (KCTV) — Sometimes when we’re out reporting on one story, we find something we didn’t expect. That’s what happened to KCTV5’s Nathan Vickers Atchison.

You see, we’ve been working on a series of stories about haunted houses for Halloween and on a trip to Atchison, Vickers met someone else who’s interested in sharing stories of the paranormal.

At the historic McInteer Villa was Stormy Daniels.

Yes, the same Stormy Daniels known for her work in the adult film industry and a legal battle with President Donald Trump.

As it turns out, she is launching a show about ghost hunting.

“I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal,” Daniels said.

She’s been filming at haunted houses around the country. including a couple of spots in our area. Vickers had been across town at the Sallie House with a mutual ghost hunting contact who put them in touch.

“The funny thing about ghost stories is that. when you talk about an experience, everyone else wants to talk about it,” Daniels said. “Everyone has had an experience and a show gives them a safe way to talk about it.”

Her latest project is a show is called Spooky Babes, which you can click here to learn more about. 

Her production team let us follow them through the 130-year-old mansion.

“The McInteer Villa is one of my favorite places,” Daniels said. “It’s the only one I’ve come to twice. I feel like we have unfinished businesses. We had some pretty crazy stuff happen last time.”

Daniels was there to talk about ghosts, not the president. But, she did have this to say about the election: “The big question I have now is, ‘Who am I voting for?’ I think it’s clear who I’m not voting for, but I’ve been careful not to endorse any candidate. I feel like it could be detrimental to the candidate. I’m just here to entertain.”

Daniels is still pitching her show to a few different networks, but she’s also visited some of the other haunted places we’ll be featuring before Halloween. So, make sure to watch as we share some history and a few scary stories.

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