Paranormal researchers report hauntings inside Lake Geneva’s historic Maxwell Mansion – Kenosha News


Even before going inside the historic hotel, Hill said, he and his crew could sense the presence of other-worldly beings and activity.

“The energy level in that place when you walk in, it felt charged, kind of like a lightning storm,” he said. “We had a lot of positive responses.”

The paranormal investigation coincided with the Maxwell Mansion’s annual Halloween party. But event manager Ashley Brouwer said the investigation is not all fun and games.

Brouwer said there have been many ghostly sightings in the hotel over the years, and the investigators take their work seriously.

“Their main idea is to help the living understand the dead and the dead to understand the living,” she said. “And to help them co-exist.”

Among the possible hauntings reported at the hotel:

A little boy named “Eddie,” who became ill and died in the mansion, is believed to be inhabiting the hotel’s attic. One employee reported going up to the attic and finding that toys had been rearranged.

Another supernatural being known as “The Watcher” has been reportedly seen sitting and watching guests who have stayed at the hotel.

Inside the hotel’s Speakeasy tavern, employees reported seeing hanging mugs fly off the wall. A bartender also once found that a cash register kept ringing up its own order — always a Bloody Mary.

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