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A woman has been spending sleepless nights after she spotted a “ghost” in one of the pictures that she had clicked with her friends during a party months ago. The incident dates back to October but the picture went viral around a day ago as the story surfaced on social media.

Last year, Rebecca Glassborow partied with her friends in her block of flats and all of them rounded off the celebration with a group picture. Now, the image appears to show a “haunting figure,” also present in the room with the guests, Mirror reports.

As seen in the picture, the group of friends posed but a figure is spotted behind them with “distinguishable features of eyes, a nose and mouth.”

England-based Rebecca, in fact, is convinced that the flat is haunted since she was told that someone had died in the house where the photo was taken. She lives above the flat where it was taken and said that her friends also checked the room thoroughly after spotting the “haunting figure” in the picture but found nothing in the background that could have created the shape.

“It’s a photo that sends a shiver down your spine – it’s actually quite scary. We were like, ‘oh what’s that?’ – it was quite freaky. We were all a bit freaked out and looked around the room as if to say ‘what could that have been?’ We don’t know what it is – a few of us have said we think it’s a woman with long brown hair. There was literally nothing around us and it just appeared in photos – it was really weird,” Rebecca told the Mirror.

“My neighbour who lives in this flat says, ‘well, you should be more afraid of the living than the dead’ so she’s got that motto but I live above the flat and it goes through my head. I have thought while I’ve been in bed about dark figures being in the flat and coming into the bedroom – it has played on my mind a little bit in that way and has kept me up in the past,” she added.

Now, Rebecca is of the opinion that the building is haunted as she said, “We have heard some noises occasionally and we just put it down to ‘we live in a block of flats, it must just be the neighbours’ but we’re not really sure.”

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