Richard Dolan on the Wilson Memo, Lazar, Psychedelics and Alien Encounters


00:00:00 Introduction
00:04:51 UFO being hit by our nuclear bomb, and falling into the sea
00:10:21 [M Kelly] What’s the most common “myth” / “untruth” in ufology?
00:12:12 If aliens wanted to harm us, why don’t they do so more drastically?
00:17:41 [Amjad Hussain] Evidence for underwater base of UFOs?
00:21:23 Do the different types of aliens have conflict / cooperation with one another?
00:27:16 [Josh Paterson] High strangeness
00:31:37 Evidence for remote viewing / psychic phenomenon
00:42:46 [Tyler Goldstein] Sleep paralysis caused by ET?
00:45:38 [Politically incorrect] Paul Benowitz, Mount Archuleta
00:54:06 In-fighting and disprizing within the ufology community
01:06:35 [Xcalipurful] How best to study the UAP phenomenon? What data sets exist?
01:09:59 [Matthew] Skinwalker
01:13:05 Relationship between UFOs and Bigfoot
01:17:39 [Steven Cambian] CIA deathbed interview was a lie
01:20:16 [Steven Cambian] The Wilson Memos (are they a lie as well?)
01:40:20 [Fredis 33] Bob Lazar is truthful
01:51:52 [@Ben_in_Toronto] Israeli head of space speaking about UFOs
01:56:39 [@waxsublime] Aliens referred to us as “containers”?
01:58:16 [Tyler Gates] Someone puts a gun to your head saying “convince me of aliens”
02:04:11 Psychedelic use / DMT and alien encounters
02:06:50 [Oliver] Will Avi Loeb’s Project Galileo be fruitful?
02:08:08 [Philip Cauchy] Ross Coulthart’s “black budget reverse engineering”
02:08:57 [Lonesomespacecowboy] If the world saw what you, Richard, saw — what would the reaction be?
02:13:02 Bill Clinton story of “my hands are tied” regarding UFOs
02:20:23 COVID and aliens?
02:24:46 [Victor Wagg] If you had access to alien tech, do you slow drip or reveal all at once?
02:31:09 We’re losing our human qualities, and freedoms. Kids can’t even play.
02:37:12 [Paul Walsch] Who are the most credible people in the UFO scene?
02:39:49 [Dr Kickass 77] How to identify misinformation
02:43:49 [@StanAlister] How come we have no clear video of UFOs but have lucid videos of rare meteors?
02:50:43 Any picture of alien bodies?

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