‘Them: Covenant’ Is Haunted by Another Show – Rolling Stone


Here’s a horror story: You have an idea for a TV show. It’s a really clever idea, one that’s never quite been done on television before. Everyone you tell about it couldn’t sound more excited. But ideas don’t turn into finished series overnight, and the development process takes so long, another show with the exact same idea premieres before yours gets the chance. Worse, the other show is a better version of that idea than what you made. So now you not only appear to be copying them, but not doing it well.

This nightmare scenario plays out for two different new shows this week. One is the TBS comedy Chad, where SNL alum Nasim Pedrad plays an awkward teenage boy. First developed at Fox five years ago, it’s been stuck in limbo for so long that Hulu’s Pen15 has already managed to release two terrific seasons with its adult creators portraying themselves as adolescents. The other is Amazon Prime Video’s Them: Covenant, a horror anthology about a black family in the Fifties moving into an all-white neighborhood, where their racist neighbors may be a greater threat than the supernatural monsters lurking in the basement. Ordered to series nearly three years ago, it is debuting seven months after HBO’s Lovecraft Country told its own tale of black pioneers moving into a haunted house.