Ghost hunter believes Fort Purbrook in Portsmouth is haunted after spending the night with ‘intelligent spirits’ | The News – Portsmouth News


Five people camped inside the fort to see if the rumours of the fort being haunted were true.

Tony Ferguson, who has been ghost hunting for 13 years, captured what he believes to be evidence of poltergeist activity on camera.

The video, shared on TikTok, shows a camera falling off one of the beds and the group trying to communicate with ‘intelligent spirits’ in the tunnels.

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Tony Ferguson has been a ghost hunter for 13 years, and described Fort Purbrook as haunted after visiting the site on two occasions. Picture: Tony Ferguson.

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Mr Ferguson, 37, said: ‘When I was down there, I heard a lot of voices but we were the only ones in the tunnels, so there was no public down there.

‘You can hear on the video when I said hello, you could hear a scream from the end of the tunnel.

‘For me, I couldn’t explain that.’

Mr Ferguson said he and his group heard ‘authoritative voices’ and banging when exploring the tunnels, while staying together the whole time. Picture: Tony Ferguson.

Mr Ferguson’s fascination with ghosts and spirits started when he had paranormal experiences as a child.

He said as he grew older, similar incidents happened, so he became curious as to whether he was imagining it or not.

He and his wife, Beth Ferguson, 47, were invited to the fort by Ghost2Ghost, a team who run haunted events across the south of England.

The ghost hunter wanted to see if he could corroborate stories of ghosts by using a camera and scoping out the site.

The ghost hunter said the voices he heard were from ‘intelligent spirits.’ Picture: Tony Ferguson.

Mr Ferguson said: ‘There are a lot of claims about places being haunted, so we go and try to see if there is any truth about the hauntings.

‘We go to these places to figure out for ourselves whether somewhere is haunted, or if it’s just a myth.’

The group explored the barracks and tunnels throughout the night.

At one point, they tried to communicate with suspected spirits using Morse code and heard louds bangs in response.

The ghost hunter said: ‘They had a lot of prison cells down there where they kept prisoners of war, so we were doing Morse code to see if we can get any taps and bangs back.

‘Funnily enough, we were getting Morse code in response, which is unusual, as it was not just voices or shouting.

‘I couldn’t make out where they were coming from, but throughout the whole of the night, we never heard it before we tried, so it was nothing to do with the building.’

Mr Ferguson said he and his group also heard disembodied footsteps which sounded ‘military like’ and several loud ‘authoritative’ voices telling them to ‘get out’ and leave.

They also claim a camera was pushed over towards Debbie McCall, who works for Ghost2Ghost.

The ghost hunter added these sounds started from the moment they walked into the building and throughout the night.

He considers these voices to be from ‘intelligent spirits,’ as they were aware of the group’s presence, reacted to their movements, and targeted the females with poltergeist activity.

Mr Ferguson explained the people in the fort were very territorial, so didn’t take kindly to being disturbed.

He said he would like to return in the future to explain what happened, but described the site as haunted from his two visits.

He added: ‘I’m going to go back to try and explain what happened before.

‘We had way too much going on off-camera and we were together as a group the whole time, so none of the voices or footsteps we heard were misleading.

‘There is definitely something going on there, things that can’t be explained.’

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