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Have you ever been home alone but had the feeling that someone is watching you?

Or when you’re just about to go to sleep and you get a chill down your spine… maybe you even hear footsteps or a faint voice.

And then the question starts to nag at you. Is something else here that you just can’t see? Could it be something… otherworldly?

Yes, we are talking about ghosts, spirits, and the other side. Nearly half of Americans believe in ghosts. The concept of spirits is present in many cultures around the world. Their existence permeates books, movies, and folklore.

But what would you do if you were faced with the existence of something you couldn’t explain?

Glynn Washington, the host of the podcast “Spooked, presented by Snap Judgment,” joins us to share some of his favorite ghost stories. And we hear from professor Chris French about why humans believe in the paranormal.

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