2 UFOs filmed in Atlanta during severe electrical storm YESTERDAY


This strange UFO aerial phenomenon was filmed over Atlanta, Georgia yesterday.

Witness report: I filmed this in Atlanta early this morning 7/30/2022. A severe electrical storm rolled through the neighborhood so I decided to see if I could get some cool lightning videos. As soon as I walked on my patio, a bolt of lightning struck the parking lot 30 feet away. I quickly propped up my phone and retreated inside. Upon reviewing the footage this morning with my wife, I noticed some orbs I could see on my phone screen. Only when the video was cast to my huge flat screen did I notice the lights. Two orbs appeared directly after the flash, and remained there bobbing. One disappears a few times and returns. Keep in mind, the sky was 100% overcast, these lights were below the clouds. They are dancing/bobbing in a weird way. You can see the tree in the foreground not moving the same as the orbs.

KillerBlueWaffles @ Reddit

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