Cube like object with large energy field in sky above Toronto 17-Aug-2022


This daytime UFO footage was filmed in the sky above Toronto, Canada on 18th August 2022.

Witness report: I got to Jimmy Simpson park in leslieville Toronto at 8:20. I always watch the sky for Planes and UAP sightings. The sun was setting and below the tree line which made for really nice colours of blue and light cloud contrast. I noticed very high up this circular glow that was about the size of a small plane. It was circular from what my eyes could see. It gave off a glow. Like an energy field. I pulled out my camera and started recording. I took two videos as I was trying to keep my eye on it as it travelled slowly across the sky from the north east to the east. It was almost like it was hoovering at very high altitude but moving. Then it just disappeared. Totally gone. Not a trace anywhere in the sky. When I zoomed in on my video I could see it was cube shaped. The week before I saw the same UAP over the Toronto beaches. That was at high altitude as well.

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