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A real-life ghost hunter has revealed ten ways to tell if your home is haunted – and a few tips on what to do to get rid of ghouls. Barri Ghai, 43, a paranormal investigator, said one telltale sign of a haunting is a sudden and unexplained drop in temperature, and another is constantly losing your keys.

He said feeling like you are being watched, seeing something unexplained, or even smelling something unusual could be a sign that you have a ghoul in your gaffe. But as a paranormal expert, Barri has also shared some tips on how to get rid of wayward ghosts if you think you might have one in your home.

Barri has shared a list of ways to tell if your home is haunted (

Barri Gahi)

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Barri, from London, said: “There are so many different ways you can assume that your house might be haunted, the most common one is seeing an apparition with your own eyes.

“If you see something out of the ordinary, a full-bodied manifestation or a headless horseman, floating legs, those are the telltale signs.

“The other is feeling like you might be watched, the human body can sense those physiological changes – you might feel like someone is breathing down your neck.

“Drops in temperature is another one – as ghost hunters, we presume that if there’s a sudden or inexplicable temperature drop that can indicate a spirit trying to show itself perhaps or an increase in spiritual energy in the home.

“These temperature drops are usually confined to smaller places like in the living room.

Do you have a ghost living in your home? (

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“I think there will always be an increase in sightings when people are at home and it’s darker and colder, and you tend to spend more time at home.

“With the cost of living crisis, more people are working from home and the heating will be off to save money, you acclimatise to the cold temperatures so if there’s a cold spot you might feel it more – so there may be an increase with potential paranormal activities in people’s homes.”

Barri said other signs can include things going missing, so if you often can’t find your keys you might have a very haunted home.

To rid yourself of ghosts, Barri recommends burning sage, saying prayers, or exorcisms – and if all those fail, you could try asking politely.

He continued: “The best thing to do is not panic, first, that’s key, then try to gather as much evidence as you can – taking photographs, videos, or recording audio.

“Some of the best examples of paranormal activity can be gathered on a smartphone.

With Barri’s advice, you’ll be able to tell if you’re being haunted (

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“If you want to get rid of the spirits, you can do lots of things – you can cleanse your house with white sage, that’s been done for hundreds of years, saying prayers, that’s another method that’s tried and tested across the world.

“Simply asking the spirits to leave is something that people often miss, if you take control and ownership of your home, and you say, ‘spirits, this is my home – I’d like you to move on’. Be polite about it, it works – I know so from experience.”

Signs your house is haunted

1 – A feeling of being watched and a presence around you when alone

2 – Frequent problems with electrical items including TVs, lights, cookers and other appliances

3 – Sudden and inexplicable temperature drops, often isolated to particular areas of the property

4 – Witnessing objects moving by themselves or noticing items going missing

5 – Strange smells that seem to come and go, like the scent of perfume, flowers, tobacco or even rotten meat

6 – An unknown infestation of flies or other insects may be a sign of a demonic presence

7 – The disembodied sound of footsteps, talking, crying, laughing or furniture being moved around

8 – Doors, windows, cupboards or curtains opening and closing by themselves

9 – Seeing shadow figures or a fleeting glimpse of something moving in your peripheral vision

10. Coming face to face with a full-bodied apparition or partial manifestation is a sure way to know your house may be haunted!

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Barri, who also hosts Discovery’s ‘Help! My House is Haunted’, has teamed up with The Longon Dungeon to run a brand-new seasonal show set in the spine-chilling attic of 50 Berkeley Square – one of London’s most haunted venues.

A London Dungeon spokesperson said: “Where better to enjoy Halloween than at a show about a haunted house, taking place in a haunted attraction. We have stories going back years from visitors and staff of unexplained incidents, mysterious silhouettes and chills descending.

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