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Ghost hunter reveals five most haunted places in Cape Breton – The Telegram

SYDNEY, N.S. —Halloween and ghosts go together like kids and candy. So, with the scary season upon us, the Post turned to local ghost hunter...

Beavercreek resident shoots homage to ‘Ghostbusters’ – Pamplin Media Group

Jennings Lodge retirement home's paranormal being captured by filmmakers using extras from Homewoods on the Willamette When a paranormal being appeared in their senior...

Where to meet celebrity ghosts in New York City – New York Post

The Hotel Chelsea has long been a haven for creative types, including Jack Kerouac, Edie Sedgwick and Patti Smith. But it’s also said that...

North Carolina, Duke, Brody Theater? They’re all haunted by ghosts – Duke Chronicle

Duke is haunted. You can find ghosts everywhere you turn: there’s talking statues, whatever Brody Theater is and the spook-tacular Brooks Field at Wallace...

The Wayward Girls by Amanda Mason – a near-perfect ghost story – The Guardian

Fiction A haunted house, home to two strange sisters in the 1970s, is revisited in the present day in this atmospheric gothic yarn Nothing is what...