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Amazing crop circle formation found in Hampshire, UK yesterday

Location: Woodcote Lane near Upham, Hampshire, UK Date: 18th July 2021 Your opinion? Not Alien (3) Read More On This At Latest UFO sightings

Hampshire 2021 crop circle: Rodfield Lane, Nr Tichborne

Location: Rodfield Lane near Tichborne, Hampshire, UK Date: 21st June 2021 Your opinion? Not Alien (4) Read More On This At Latest UFO sightings

Latest crop circle report: Mud Lane, Nr Wooton Rivers, Wiltshire 9-Jun-2021

Location: Mud Lane near Wooton Rivers, Wiltshire, UK Date: 9th June 2021 Your opinion? Not Alien (0) Read More On This At Latest UFO sightings

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