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Fancy a cabin in the woods? A perfectly spooky Halloween experience awaits

Halloween is probably the only fun festival that brings along spookiness and hauntings and evilness. For those who love the festival and aren’t spooked easily, they must try these ‘haunted’ cabin rentals for the most authentic goosebump(y) experiences. These old cabins in the woods will definitely add to your Halloween festivities and make it a memorable affair! Check these cabins out:

Sleepy Hollow, New York

Tucked deep inside a super silent dark forest, the Hudson Valley rental cabin is just a stone’s throw away from the town of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! A perfect rental for a Halloween escape, this haunted cabin in the woods will give you enough reasons to believe in the Halloween traditions. Several thrilling events are put on by the town during this time of the year.

Narrowsburg, New York

This is a perfect option for those looking for renting a cabin in the woods for Halloween. The rustic cabin here will definitely turn you into a ghost storyteller. Though there are no legendary haunted stories connected to the place, the place still has a hint of spookiness to it. Carry your blanket and watch some scary movies on the night of Halloween.

Mount Hood, Oregon

The ardent fans of the horror classic, The Shining, would be well-versed with this particular cabin in the woods. A stay here may send a chill down your spine. One can challenge their guts by booking this cabin and enjoy their own seclusion in the Hood River region of Oregon. Though the place experiences cosy evenings, an indoor fireplace adds to the warmth, there certainly is something that will make you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

Accord hamlet, New York

Far from the city, deep in the forest, near the Mohonk Preserve in New York, the small village of Accord has an ideal cabin in the woods for a perfect spooky night. This cabin rental offers something different from all those typical lodges in the woods. The antique furnishings of the cabin only add to the theme and will make you feel like a time-traveller, who has travelled to a completely different world overnight.
Monteagle, Tennessee tree house

This is the place where paranormal fanatics gather to investigate the existence of other-worldly beings! Considered as the most haunted location in Tennessee, this tree house in the woods of Monteagle has scared the most daring humans alive. So, if you want to make your Halloween special, you can rent this cabin and have your own spooky experience.

Transylvania, Romania

If you dare to enter the home of Dracula, book your tickets for Transylvania! This countryside cottage will let you explore the truth behind the age-old Dracula tales. Romania is synonymous to the scary legends of blood-sucking vampires and evil kings. Visitors can also book guided tours of the Bran Castle, where the mythical Dracula was born.

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