History (and hauntings) spectacularly abound on this old porch – Winston-Salem Journal


Hang out on the front porch at the Rosenbacher House and you might have some company from the Great Beyond. 

The porch, with its grand Corinthian columns and graceful curves, overlooks Fifth Street in Winston-Salem, and the building itself houses the Board Babe, a custom charcuterie business that opened late last year. 

But other entities may be lurking about. 

“It’s supposedly haunted,” says Taylor Hedges, owner of the Board Babe. “I haven’t had any experiences yet, but I’ve heard there are multiple ghosts, other people say they’ve had experiences.”

The house was built in 1907 by Carrie Rosenbacher, matriarch of the Rosenbacher family, who owned a local clothing shop. The Rosenbachers sold the property in 1975, and a variety of businesses have set up shop inside over the years. Before the Board Babe, the house has been occupied for about five years by Tart Sweets Bakery.

The Neoclassical façade, with its two-story portico, double leaf doors, and semicircular porch, remains perhaps the neighborhood’s most prominent landmark. 

“To me, it just seemed amazing,” Hedges says. “I loved the style of it. It’s really beautiful and it deserves to be preserved. I’m excited to be there.”

She was also intrigued by some of the spooky happenings on the property.

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