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Highway Sheila did not die a peaceful death. Legend has it that she met with an untimely demise years ago on Higginson Highway and has haunted the road ever since, looking to find her final resting place.

Scores have seen her, and many residents of Chatsworth – the suburb along Higginson Highway in KwaZulu-Natal – will retell the exact same story.

Highway Sheila is breathtakingly beautiful. She strolls along the eerie highway in high heels and a flowing dress, waiting for someone to stop and offer her a ride home. When she gets into the vehicle, the driver gets her address and drives her home. Suddenly, the temperature in the car drops and she asks for a jacket to keep her warm, the driver obliges. He tries to make small talk with her, but she sits silently waiting to reach her destination.

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The driver delivers her to the address, and she gets out and goes to the door while he drives off, forgetting his jacket. The next day he returns to the house to get his jacket, only to find out that the girl he refers to has been dead for years.

So carries on the haunting of Higginson Highway

A few days later the driver meets his untimely death and so carries on the haunting of Higginson Highway.

Road deaths that occur along this stretch of highway are often blamed on Highway Shelia. Residents are so convinced she is real, some avoid the road altogether if it’s too late at night.

Another similar account of the story was shared on Ghosts and Stories and the writer speaks of having the very same experience.

In 2014, a movie called The Curse of Highway Shiela was released and it documents the same narrative peddled for years by people who live in the area.

In the movie, four journalists are tasked to investigate whether Highway Sheila is real or just another ghost story… We’ll leave it to you to decide.

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