UFOs hovering above Aurora, Colorado 20-Jan-2021



UFO activity filmed over Aurora, Colorado on 20th January 2021.

Witness report: Saw 3 lights that looked like stars but brighter and bigger. I was starring at what I thought were 3 stars. I realized they weren’t stars once 1 of them moved. I also realized I had been starring for awhile almost in a trance. The bright objects did not look like any of the planes ascending and descending nearby and they had no sound. The first bright object that moved, I didn’t actually see it move it just appeared at a different spot in like seconds. Imagine 3 dots lined horizontally and the furthest to the right all of a sudden fades away and reappears diagonally. Then the furthest left disappears. The middle remains hovering. Then the one diagonal appears to be dimming and fading in and out and eventually all disappeared. I didn’t see them move or zip away just poof gone. Later I looked up at the stars and constellations noticing how small the real stars actually looked. The lights I saw has to be 20x bigger looking than the stars.

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