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In 1967, the Carter family moved from their rural home in Burlington to a quaint craftsman home in Greensboro. Though they were expecting new adventures, they didn’t expect one of the biggest would be under their own roof in the form of a haunting.

“Mom, Dad, my sister, and I moved into a rental home our first few years here,” said Iris Carter. “I was 6 years old, and my sister was 12.”

It wasn’t long before the ghost made her appearance, rousing the girls in their sleep.

“My sister would wake up and hear breathing behind her, and when she tried to ignore it, she felt a finger poking her shoulder,” said Iris. “I would wake up and see the apparition at the foot or side of my bed.” 

When the girls told their parents about the encounters, they were told, “There’s no such thing as ghosts.”  It wouldn’t be until they moved to a new home, that their parents finally confessed to having their own experiences with the ghost.

“Our only point of reference was movies,” said Deborah Lackey, Iris’ sister. “Hollywood showed us ghosts were to be feared, and our parents weren’t offering any counter theories.”

As an adult, Iris has been a paranormal investigator and is associated with Haunted NC, a TAPS affiliated team. She also handled episodes when her son and daughter were toddlers and started seeing supernatural entities.

“Kids are very perceptive, and many parents will talk about their children seeing someone that turns out to be a dead relative,” said Iris. Hearing these questions repeatedly made me realize that I could share information that might help others.

Recounting her experiences, interwoven with practical guidance, Iris has written The Care and Feeding of Ghosts and the Children Who See Them.

“Being a believer isn’t a pre-requisite to reading the book,” she said. “I just encourage parents to be patient and listen to their children. Regardless of their beleifs, I hope readers find the book entertaining and resourceful.”

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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