Iredell Ghost Stories: The Lost Haunted Mansion of Union Grove – Statesville Record & Landmark


That stain was still there when the author of the 1989 article, Jimmy Tomlin, visited the decaying house.

In that article, he spoke with one of the previous residents of the house who described seeing apparitions of a man and hearing disembodied footsteps go down the stairs at night.

“My grandmother came to the house once to stay with us for the week,” Brenda Hager told the Record & Landmark in 1989. “She ended up staying one night and she wouldn’t come back and stay with us again … and she didn’t.”

After reading the stories about the house and seeing quotes like this, I was very determined to find this house. I spent hours driving through the back roads of Union Grove and asked anyone that I thought might know what happened to the old Myers place. Nothing.

But as I researched the area, I learned of another legend that exists on Warren Bridge Road and its namesake.

The bridge that connects Iredell County to Wilkes County, known as Warren Bridge, has its own paranormal aura surrounding it.

In the summer of 1916, Homer Matheson, as the story goes, waited by what was then a covered bridge for his brother-in-law, Claude Warren with shotgun in hand. As Warren approached with his wife, Homer’s sister Mary, Matheson appeared and shot Warren in the head, killing him instantly.

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