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VIDEO footage taken during a paranormal investigation at Dudley Castle appears to show a shadowy figure in a doorway at the reputedly haunted site.

Real-life Black Country ghost hunter Jayne Harris and her team were at the historic castle, which dates back to 1070, earlier this month and when she watched back footage filmed of the doorway to the tower keep, which is considered a ghostly hot spot, she noticed a strange black shadow appear and quickly disappear.

Jayne, who runs HD Paranormal and also appears on TV’s Help! My House is Haunted, has published the video on her Facebook page and invited people to share their views on whether they think she and her team have actually captured a ghost on camera during one of their latest explorations on October 15.

Stourbridge News: Jayne Harris who runs HD Paranormal and stars on TV's Help! My House is HauntedJayne Harris who runs HD Paranormal and stars on TV’s Help! My House is Haunted

She said: “When I watched the footage back for the first time I thought it must be a shadow of either myself or one of the team, but the more I watched I realised that the black figure actually appears from the centre first then disappears inwards, as if it grows then shrinks.

Stourbridge News: A screen shot of the shadowy figure caught on camera at Dudley Castle on October 15A screen shot of the shadowy figure caught on camera at Dudley Castle on October 15

“Not the way a normal shadow moves. I later found out this is the exact doorway where an apparition has been spotted by several people in the past, so I have to say I’m fascinated by this footage.”

Castle historian Amy Hickman has also told how she heard voices in the tower as she went to lock up after the investigation ended…but she was completely alone.

She said: “I was about to lock the gate following the investigation when I clearly heard several voices…almost like a conversation going on; although I couldn’t make out what was being said – I knew no-one was around.

Stourbridge News: Dudley CastleDudley Castle

“The castle has a long history of ghost sightings and is considered one of the most haunted castles in the country so it’s not the first time I’ve experienced something unexplained, especially around the tower.”

HD Paranormal investigator Craig Maloney has also had his own spooky experience in the tower which has left him afraid to return to the scene.

Stourbridge News: Craig MaloneyCraig Maloney

He said: “I won’t even go in the castle keep in the daytime after my experience in 2019.

“I was on my way down from the top, when I heard as clear as day a male voice say “excuse me”. I assumed someone was behind me so I turned but there was no one there.

“The voice was crystal clear. From that point the feeling there totally changed – the atmosphere felt almost threatening.

“I made my way back down with an immense sense of being followed. I was actually waiting to be pushed at anytime. As an investigator, it was an amazing experience but nothing would get me back up there.”

Stourbridge News: Dudley Castle. Pic by Stuart Cooksey - News Group Camera ClubDudley Castle. Pic by Stuart Cooksey – News Group Camera Club

The castle is considered one of the most haunted in Britain, with many reports of paranormal activity made by visitors over the years.

Most famous are sightings of a ‘grey lady’ – a figure speculated to be the ghost of Dorothy Beaumont, wife of the Royalist second in command who died during the English Civil War in 1646, who is said to haunt the castle looking for her baby son who died shortly after birth.

Ghostly experiences in the castle keep have also been reported. Legend has it that a woman, thought to be a witch, and her cat were thrown to their deaths there. Visitors have also reported hearing drumming from the castle keep which is believed to be linked to a young drummer boy who was killed during the Civil War.

Have you had any ghostly experiences at Dudley Castle?

Do you think the recent video footage is ghostly or a glitch? Let us know in the comments below or via our Twitter/Facebook channels.

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