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During the evening hours of May 11, Tri-C Ghost Hunters creeped around the dimly lit hallways of the main facility of the Lorain Public Library System to share their results from a paranormal investigation there.

Tri-C Ghost Hunters co-founder Greg Feketik came with a paranormal investigation team of seven earlier in the month to conduct an investigation.

“During our investigation we had almost 20 hours of audio and almost 34 hours of video and 71 photos,” Feketik said. “When we go back and review the audio and video we are looking for anything we didn’t see or hear at the time of the investigation.”

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Tri-C Ghost Hunters, with 46 members, is one of the largest paranormal teams in Ohio and is currently the resident paranormal team at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield.

The name stands for Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, and the organization covers the whole state and surrounding states in paranormal activity and investigations.

Lorain Public Library main branch manager Susan Spivey said after hearing various stories about hauntings, mysterious figures and shadows, she wanted to get in contact with professionals.

Tri-C Ghost Hunters co-founder Greg Feketik watches investigator Gary Sternburg

Tri-C Ghost Hunters co-founder Greg Feketik watches investigator Gary Sternburg show where a person would have to be for a shadow to be created. Sternburg said he saw a shadow figure in the basement.

“Paranormal programs are a big interest. I knew of Tri-City Ghost Hunters from previous presentations they’ve done for us,” she said.

“Over the years we’ve had a few ghost stories from staff of the past and present.”

She said people often hear movement when no one is around and have seen the quick movement of a skirt and the moving of the elevator opening and closing when no one is around.

“The elevator really opens and closes on its own,” Spivey said.

Tri-C Ghost Hunters investigator Gary Sternburg said he witnessed unexplainable events during the hunt.

The elevator moved without anyone calling it to a floor, and he said there was a prominent shadow figure in the basement.

“There was a very dark shadow that walked across the doorway as if somebody was walking through here and we were the only two investigators down here so we know that nobody was down here with us,” Sternburg said.

Investigation equipment includes cameras, digital recorders, audio recorders and other tools.

Sternburg also saw shadow figures in the basement and on the second floor moving through bookshelves. He and his team tried to disprove what they saw by analyzing the light fixtures and trying to see where shadows would naturally occur.

“We spend most of our time trying to disprove what we see,” Sternburg said.

According to Feketik there was an EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, experience in the facility. In attempts to communicate with any spirits in the building, the group asked questions and heard a response.

When asked if there was a spirit present the group didn’t hear anything out loud. However, after analyzing the media content they recorded, they said they caught audio of the name “Charles.”

While the shadow figures in the basement and on level two weren’t captured on camera, they said there were multiple accounts of paranormal activity in the library throughout the investigation.

“We were only here for five to six hours and sometimes you would have to investigate for several weeks before you would actually get anything,” he said. “Just because we don’t capture it doesn’t mean stuff isn’t going on or you guys aren’t experiencing it.”

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