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*Meet Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey. They are the hosts of Discovery +’s new series “Ghost Brothers: Lights Out” and they’re changing the face of paranormal investigative shows. Needless to say, Spratt, Mass, and Harvey are the first Black paranormal investigators on TV. They are stepping into a new realm, pun intended, in Black content.  

Most of us in the Black community were always taught not to get involved with the spirits. You can hear your grandmother now telling you “aht aht, I don’t play with them spirits,” can’t you? But these three gentlemen are changing the narrative that Black people aren’t interested in the spirits or the paranormal. They are also, taking away the stigma and negative connotation regarding ghost hunting.  

We recently sat down with Spratt, Mass, and Harvey to learn more about their interest in Ghost Hunting.  

“We genuinely didn’t see any representation of us on any of these TV shows doing it.  And we were just curious as to why only White folks were hunting ghosts,” says Spatt.

In each episode, the guys investigate a new case of alleged paranormal activity in a home or building.  

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Each case is different and has a different reaction from the spirits they are hunting. There is a response from the ghost in each episode. But the presence from some of the ghosts is stronger than others and they are not always welcoming. You may we wondering and we asked the guys what was the most disturbing case they have investigated.

“The insane asylum in Michigan was kind of eerie in itself. It’s an insane asylum. I think we saw some shadow figures. There be You don’t know if that’s a crew member or member of the haunting,” says Harvey.  

“Ghost Brothers: Lights Out” is a very interesting and informative show. For those that are into the paranormal but wanted to see people like them hunting ghosts, this show will be right up your alley. For those that are curious about ghost hunting, this is the show to watch to get an introduction to ghost hunting.  

“Ghost Brother: Lights Out” is streaming now on Discovery +.  

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