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Killer Camp — “A Killer Finale” — Image Number: KC105_1017.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Sam, Holly, Jacques, Bobby, Carl, Sian and Eleanor — Photo: 2020 Tuesday’s Child Television.

Check out these six can’t-miss horror reality TV shows!

Blumhouse Television has cornered the market with horror reality TV as they continue to increase their presence across our television sets and movie screens. Next up, they’ll be broadening their horizons with unscripted reality television. The company has struck an overall deal with ITV Television to produce non-fiction programming, and the first project is a horror competition project tentatively titled Escape the Maze.

Escape the Maze is a new horror reality TV show. The series synopsis sounds a little similar to the recent Escape Room films. It will follow individual competitors who must escape a dark and mind-scrambling maze during which they will encounter both physical and psychological challenges.

Reading the news got us thinking about other horror reality TV shows, competition-based and otherwise, that we’ve loved over the years.

6. Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters is probably the most well-known when it comes to horror reality TV, especially in paranormal investigation. While there are various shows like this and those of a similar ilk that reenact hauntings, Ghost Hunters is still top dog. What began as a Syfy series has since run for 11 seasons, spanning over 240 episodes, and that’s not even mentioning the specials.

The Ghost Hunters‘ spook squad has visited various spots across the country throughout its impressive tenure to find out the truth behind potential supernatural phenomena. If you’ve ever wanted to see, or hear, a ghost on camera, then this is the show for you. Now whether or not you choose to believe everything you see is a different story.

5. Killer Camp

Killer Camp is a new series, but one with lots of potential. What started as a filler show on The CW during the pandemic could become a bonafide hit for the network. The British-American game show features eleven contestants in an ’80s inspired lakeside lodge akin to Camp Crystal Lake. But the twist is that at least one among them is a secret killer.

Throughout the competition, the contestants must try to guess who the killer is before they end up “dead” while simultaneously being given opportunities to earn money. After a successful first season run, The CW renewed the show for a second season, which is set to debut this fall.

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