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A holiday maker was left creeped out after a strange figure appeared in her selfie despite the fact she was alone in her caravan at the time.

Sarune Andrijauskaite took the snap during her trip that clearly shows what appears to be a male figure in the mirror over her shoulder.

Sarune has shared the image with CornwallLive and described how earlier that day she had visited St Michael’s Mount.

After noticing the eerie mirror presence in her selfie, Sarune did some research and stumbled across tales of a giant shadowy figure said to haunt the mount.

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Sarune said: “So I was taking a selfie in my caravan where we were staying in Cornwall.

“The picture was taken after the visit at St Michael’s Mount. As you can see there is a mirror behind me and in the mirror you can see that there is someone next to me but I was alone there.

“I tried to look up online to see if someone had experienced similar situations and I came across the article of someone capturing a giant near the castle itself, so I thought it would be interesting to share my strange experience.

Sarune Andrijauskaite and the 'ghost' man in the mirror of her selfie
Sarune Andrijauskaite and the ‘ghost’ man in the mirror of her selfie

“I have a captured a picture of myself and potentially the giant who used to live at the castle years ago.

“Everyone who I showed a picture didn’t believe me and said I was there with a man. But at that time my family were outside and I was absolutely alone in the caravan.”

Last year an amateur photographer claimed he shot a haunting image of a giant shadowy figure heading across from St Michael’s Mount towards land.

The picture by amateur photographer Russell Ahearne was taken at Cornwall’s most famous landmark. The ancient castle dates back to a time when giants were rumoured to stalk the land.

But not many people know that a real skeleton of an exceptionally tall 7ft 8in man was dug up during renovation work in the late 19th century and now there are often ghostly sightings of a very tall man.

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