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A wide shot of Mosborough Hall Hotel.
A wide shot of Mosborough Hall Hotel.

Whether we believe in them or not, no one can resist listening to ghost stories and if you would like to experience them firsthand, then look no further. Yorkshire’s glorious landscapes don’t just attract tourists looking for a getaway – its cities also accommodate those fascinated by the supernatural. Here are some of Yorkshire’s most haunted hotels – complete with goosebump-inducing tales of the hauntings.

Mosborough Hall Hotel, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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Dating back to the 16th century, the hotel used to be an old manor house. In the late 1600s, it was owned by a governess, who was then known as the ‘White Lady’. She notoriously flirted with the squire and fell pregnant. Despite promising her money and a cottage to live in, he changed his mind due to his limited financial resources. Her ghostly figure has been seen around the hotel, along with angry voices which are thought to be their last argument.

Gisborough Hall Hotel, Gisborough

The hotel was built in 1856 by Thomas Chaloner and was later occupied by its namesake, Lord Gisborough. Three ‘friendly’ ghosts have been reported; a butler, one who appears in the lobby area and one of who is thought to be an old lady, often seen as a shadowy figure in some of the bedrooms and corridors of the hotel. A guest who stayed overnight at the hotel recalled hearing ‘strange noises’ in her room.

The Black Swan Hotel, Helmsley, York

The hotel is composed of three houses; a black and white timber-framed house, a Georgian house and an Elizabethan house. Due to its long history, the hotel is no stranger to suspected paranormal activity. Two of its regular ghostly guests are said to be in the form of a smartly-dressed man with a bowler hat who fidgets and tuts as if he is impatiently waiting for someone and a young blonde woman in a long white dress at the bar who longingly stares at the fireplace.

Bagdale Hall Hotel, Whitby

This Whitby-based hotel has three buildings; one of which is a Tudor house built in 1516, another is a Georgian townhouse, and another large Georgian house built in 1770. Browne Bushelle, a previous owner of the hotel, was executed for piracy charges. His ghost is said to still roams the hall and he’s been seen walking up and down the staircases. The sound of footsteps has been heard by guests. Further paranormal activities have been associated with the hotel over the years, including lights being turned on in an empty room, whispered voices being heard by cleaners and the sounds of a child crying in a vacated room.

The Golden Fleece, York

This is York’s most haunted pub and one of Britain’s most haunted venues. Built in 1503, this inn is thought to accommodate 15 ghosts but the most talked about is Lady Alice Peckett, wife of John Peckett, who used to be the mayor of York and the owner of the hotel. Many guests claim to have seen Alice wandering around the halls and moving furniture around. Another ghost is a Canadian airman who fell to his death from the top window of the hotel during the Second World War and is believed to have been haunting the place ever since. Roman soldiers have been spotted in the cellar, a man who carries a pistol and wears a 16-17th century coat, known as One-Eyed Jack, has also been seen at the bar. A young Victorian boy, who was crushed to death by horses is also seen at the bar.

Hazlewood Castle, Tadcaster

One of the castle’s rooms, Tansy, is said to be occupied by a ghost monk. From St Margaret’s courtyard exit, a black cloak-dressed shape has allegedly been seen walking across and disappearing into a yew tree. A housekeeper, who was staying at the Lavender room, told of her unsettling experience; she was kneeling down facing the mirror when she saw a vague figure in the bathroom and started conversing with it, thinking it was just another housekeeper. But when she got a closer look, no-one was there. In 2003, a guest consistently complained of hearing a baby crying overnight in the Rose room, which kept her up all night, but there were no babies in the adjoining rooms.

Best Western Plus Deacon Court Hotel, Duncombe Place, York

York is known to be one of the most haunted cities in the world, so it’s no shock that its hotels have a history of ghostly sightings. This particular hotel, built in 1855, has been enchanted by a cleaner known as the ‘Mad Maid’. Mediums who have stayed at the hotel have claimed to have communicated with the ghost in the basement kitchen. Terrifying and mysterious happenings have been reported at the hotel including doors being slammed, guests feeling a compression on their chests at night while they are sleeping and objects being displaced.

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