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“Goodbye My Lover” singer James Blunt can’t seem to say goodbye to a ghost he believes is haunting his Victorian-era pub in London.

The “You’re Beautiful” crooner, 47, owns the historic The Fox & Pheasant pub in the swanky suburb of Chelsea, where bartenders have been baffled by a series of strange happenings in recent weeks.

Blunt took to Instagram on Monday to share security camera footage of a beer glass inexplicably falling from a shelf behind the bar.

The vision shows the glass flying into the air before being caught by a stunned barman. A spooked colleague is seen looking up at the shelf with wide eyes, unable to fathom how the glass fell.

“Spooky goings on down the F&P…looks like we had a ghost lurking behind the bar yesterday,” Blunt captioned the creepy video.

According to The Sun, the same beer glass has fallen multiple times inside the establishment, and Blunt believes the spirit of an old patron is to blame.

“James believes the ghost is that of someone who used to come in regularly, because he always knocks over the same tankard (beer glass),” an anonymous source told the publication.

“He [the ghost] appears quite regularly, knocking things about and causing hazards. A few of the staff were really freaked out when it first happened but now everyone views the ghost quite affectionately.”

The source continued: “It keeps the staff on their toes because they have to be ready to catch the falling tankard at any time. It feels ridiculous but there is really no explanation for it.”

Blunt (pictured at right) is seen outside his Chelsea pub.
Blunt (pictured at right) is seen outside his Chelsea pub.

Blunt, who has sold more than 20 million albums, purchased the Fox & Pheasant back in 2017.

The establishment first opened back in 1848 — the height of England’s Victorian era.

While the prospect of a ghost haunting Blunt’s bar seems preposterous, many Brits believe their historic drinking spots are filled with spirits — and not just those of the drinking king.

Last week, in honor of Halloween, one publication ran a list of London’s most haunted pubs.

Blunt bought the historic establishment in 2017. He is pictured pouring a pint behind the bar.
Blunt bought the historic establishment in 2017. He is pictured pouring a pint behind the bar.

On the list is The Hoop & Toy — another Chelsea pub located just down the road from Blunt’s The Fox & Pheasant.

The watering hole was purportedly built on top of a church burial ground back in 1760, with wild rumors abounding that the pub is now haunted by the ghosts of 18th Century priests.

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