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A spooky sighting caught on camera in Morpeth during a ghost tour of the town has left tour guides “stunned”.

The organisers of the Morpeth Ghost Tour were carrying out their Valentine’s tour on February 12 when one of their participants took a photograph that appears to show a ghostly figure.

The photo was taken of an upstairs window at the Beau Monde, now a late-night bar in Morpeth that formerly housed Chambers Bar.

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The building, which could date as far back as the 13th century, is a regular stop on the tour due to its reputation for otherworldly occurrences.

Bill Bell, the former owner of Chambers Bar, told The Chronicle back in 2011 that living in the eerie pub had changed his mind about the existence of ghosts.

After staff were left spooked by a series of ghostly goings-on, from beer glasses flying off tables to hearing voices chanting, paranormal investigators were called in.

The Morpeth Ghost Tour takes participants on a spooky trip around the historic town
The Morpeth Ghost Tour takes participants on a spooky trip around the historic town

Paranormal investigator Neil Osborne visited the pub on several occasions, and said at the time that every visit had resulted in a supernatural sighting.

And stories of apparitions haunting the ancient building continue more than a decade later with this latest image.

Tour organisers Charley Reah and Cara Hamilton ask participants to take photographs of each building they visit in case something unexplained later appears.

While several snaps were taken of the Beau Monde at the same time on February 12, one photo, taken by participant Makis Taflampas, particularly stood out.

Morpeth Ghost Tour organisers shared the "unnerving" snap taken on February 12
Morpeth Ghost Tour organisers shared the “unnerving” snap taken on February 12

In the photograph, a dark shadow can be seen in the window that the guides claim to be the outline of a spectral figure that resembles a nun or a monk.

This lines up with previous reports of ghost sightings at the pub, which tell tales of monk apparitions walking through the walls.

Some tour participants have also said that they can make out a ghostly face in the photo.

Organiser Charley set up the tours back in 2018 and has seen her fair share of the unexplainable, but admits that even she found the photo “unnerving”.

“No-one could explain it,” she says of the snap, adding that of the many photos that she has seen claiming to capture spirits on camera at the Beau Monde this is “definitely the most amazing”.

Charley says that the ghost stories surrounding Morpeth are a testament to the rich history that the historic Northumberland market town and its buildings are steeped in.

The Morpeth Ghost Tour is now on a break and set to return this Autumn, but Charley and Cara say they couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the current season of tours.

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