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A team of paranormal experts got more than they bargained for while exploring the site of a former smallpox hospital.

Tony Ferguson and his team of ghost hunters carried out their investigation at a place once known as the ‘End Building’, at Blake’s Hospital, Gosport

Now a gym, this eerie building served as a smallpox hospital more than 100 years ago and is believed by some to be a hotbed for supernatural activity.

The number of patients afflicted by the highly contagious virus was so great, dead bodies were laid out on the grass outside, covered up with sacking. Even if sufferers did manage to make it inside, it’s understood they would have had a very low shot at survival.

Tony had wanted to investigate the area for a while as he was aware of its ghostly reputation. However, he and his team ended up getting so scared, they had to conclude their time there four hours early.

The former hospital is believed to be a hotbed of supernatural activity (

Triangle News)

Tony claims to have heard menacing ghostly voices at the site (

Triangle News)

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Tony, 37, and his team walked the grounds together and were also locked inside the gym for a few hours with the intention of encountering restless spirits.

Tony, of Southampton, Hampshire, said: “There were a lot of voices caught saying ‘kill her’ and ‘get her’. We left early because it got very sinister. We were going to stay till 3am but left at 11pm after arriving at 7pm because it got quite intense.

“There’s a lot of death that has taken place there – smallpox, suicide, prisoners of war – so you’ve got so much death from different timelines.”

The building has a tragic history (

Triangle News)

He continued: “There was a room called the dark room that a lot of people go into and do ouija boards, which could be where a lot of the sinister energy stems from. Oujia boards bring negative things in.

“I went into the dark room alone and could clearly hear voices in there with me. It wasn’t positive in that room and there were a lot of unexplained banging noises.

“I felt something touching my leg quite often and it was basically just on my leg. I couldn’t see anything but I remained calm.”

Founded by a local brewer, the ‘End Building’ became a smallpox hospital in 1903, with patients brought over from Blake’s Hospital some 300 yards away.

Tony, who has been a paranormal investigator for 12 year, was joined by wife Bev, 59, and fellow investigators Debbie McAll, 51, and Emily Cowell, 38, of Ghost2Ghost.

He continued: “Whatever it was seemed to be targeting the females. The females were very on edge when I pointed out we could hear “kill her” and “get her”.

“Debbie felt herself being touched and prodded a couple of times as if to scare her. We don’t overreact with stuff like that.”

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