A scientist believes he has discovered the origins of the famous “WOW!” signal.


wow signal

Wow Signal

Of all the occurrences discovered by science in outer space, the renowned signal Wow! It is among the most enigmatic.

It is a 72-second radio wave signal collected by the Big Ear Radio Observatory on August 15, 1977. A message that hasn’t ever been spotted before. Nothing similar has occurred since then.

The scientist Jerrt Ehman was in charge of spotting this signal in the radio telescope, and when he acquired such data, he jotted down the word Wow! in addition to the recorded information, thus the suitable moniker.

Nevertheless, this would not imply that an alien is trying to be spotted. It is not even known where it originates from with certainty, and there is a chance that it is a natural phenomenon, which would also be fantastic news.

As a result, it is the responsibility of subsequent generations to try to decipher the cause of this extraordinary event.

A new study has evaluated the data and says that it has uncovered the source of the signal; a star in the Sagittarius constellation that may fit the parameters for life as we know it situated 1800 light-years distant.


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It is the question that everyone wants to know the answer to, and it is not for the faint of heart. According to the study’s author, the signal Wow! According to DW analysis, it is the best radio transmission candidate for SETI (search for alien intelligence) that we have acquired with our telescopes.

However, it is equally reasonable to believe that a putative alien civilization employed this element to interact.

The study’s explanation

Over the years and via various research, it was determined that the signal originated from the Sagittarius constellation or possibly from some adjacent star clusters. Working on this terrain, on the other hand, is almost a mission impossible in a sense.

However, astronomer Albert Knight set out to evaluate data from thousands of stars in this location until the search could be narrowed down. That is how he discovered 2MASS 19281982-2640123, a star identical to our Sun located 1,800 light-years distant in the constellation of Sagittarius, as published by D.W.

Although this star is too far away to send any reaction in the form of radio or light transmission, Caballero stated in his final essay that it could be a wonderful target for observations hunting for exoplanets surrounding the star.

The most startling aspect of the case is that the star that is pointed to is quite close to the distance at which an extraterrestrial civilization is most likely to reside. This star’s estimated temperature is barely 5 degrees warmer than the Sun’s, and its radius and luminosity are nearly similar. According to him, it is a good target for searching for potentially habitable exoplanets.

Even if this signal was not transmitted by an extraterrestrial civilization, this study is fantastic news for astronomy. We already indicated that the fact that it is a natural occurrence is beneficial since there could be a world identical to our Earth in this vicinity. However, it also provides a fresh observation tool for other constellations in the never-ending quest.

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