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A ghostbusting group met their match when they were left spooked after visiting an abandoned asylum, a place they labelled ‘evil’.

Hardened paranormal investigators Tony Ferguson and his team are no strangers to the supernatural, but the haunted institution terrified the spectre-hunters so much that they were forced to flee.

Emily Cowell, who was on the expedition, explained how soldiers and anguished children spoke out to her team, forcing her to abandon the search.

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The 38-year-old supernatural fanatic said: “I felt terrified. I never want to go back to that place.

“It’s evil.”

Ghost hunters flee 'evil' asylum after dismembered voices tell them to leave
The hardened paranormal investigators fled Robertson House, Hampshire, allegedly home to the spirits of sickly soldiers and agonised children

This is the second time that Tony, 37, has investigated the building in Alton, Hampshire, having returned to capture the paranormal activity on camera.

The team were locked inside the spooky venue for a few hours, giving them no choice but to immerse themselves in the spooky world they found themselves in.

But it all proved too much when they heard a child let out a spine-chilling scream after they had asked for spirits to come forward.

Ghost hunters flee 'evil' asylum after dismembered voices tell them to leave
The investigators had to flee the creepy building, which was even too scary for them

Tony, who has been a paranormal investigator for 12 years, said: “During both of our visits we captured a little girl screaming for help.

“She also called out for her “mummy”.

“This was coming from the floor above us so we went up to investigate.

“We could still hear her screams but we couldn’t find the cause or explain the screaming. She sounded around the age of five or six.”

Ghost hunters flee 'evil' asylum after dismembered voices tell them to leave
Debbie McAll, an experienced ghost hunter, inside the terrifying building

He added: “We first visited Robertson House to see if the claims that the place was haunted were true.

“We were not disappointed so we recently went back to see if we could unearth more evidence and what we captured was chilling.

“On both occasions we were met with a sense of being watched and followed… like the spirits were trying to establish who we were.

“I was the only male in the building during these visits yet we captured many male disembodied voices saying get out and growls.”

Ghost hunters flee 'evil' asylum after dismembered voices tell them to leave
The group say they heard a man’s voice growling ‘get out’ at them

The team, who also included Tony’s wife Bev, 59 and investigator Debbie McAll, 51, also claim to have heard ‘disembodied footsteps’ and unexplained bangs, as well as a male voice telling them to ‘get out’.

The creepy hospital is now known as Robertson House, and was first used to treat mentally ill soldiers coming home after fighting in the Boer War in South Africa before it was repurposed in 1908 to treat young children suffering from tuberculosis.

And it isn’t just the building itself which is haunted – the whole hill it stands on is apparently crawling with ghosts and ghouls.

The otherwise fearless gang have even expressed their fears for the public as developers plan to knock down the haunted spot to make way for swish luxury flats.

Tony continued: What is more concerning is developers are looking to knock the building down and build houses or flats over it.

“I feel sorry for the poor people that have to move in as there is a lot of bad energy about this place.”


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