Paranormal footage shows ‘ghost’ spooking punters at 300-year-old pub –


A ghost has left staff at a haunted, 300-year-old pub spooked.

A bottle of beer was spotted shooting off a shelf behind the bar and plummeted to the floor.

No workers were near the shelf which was sturdily screwed in at the White Swan Inn, in Dunstable, Beds.

It caused spillage down the back of the till while the rest of the bottles stood perfectly in place.

In the CCTV footage, a worker can be seen running to the scene of the spooky accident from the opposite direction, proving nobody was around when it happened on Tuesday, July 12.

Pub manager Tasha Magnan said: ‘The bar staff were so spooked out after. They felt the chills of the aftermath of our beer-destroying ghost.

‘We now have two pieces of CCTV showing what we feel are ghosts. We have no idea who the ghost is – someone who doesn’t like beer.’

The bottle of beer suddenly and mysteriously flies off the shelf. (Credit: Triangle News)

This is the second paranormal incident that Tasha has caught on camera.

In February this year, she confronted a group of lads for spilling beer on the floor – but none of them had touched it.

The security camera footage later proved they were telling the truth.

It captured a full pint glass sitting on a table and suddenly toppling over without anybody touching it.

The ‘ghost’ seemingly spilled the pint in front of these customers (Credit: Triangle News)

Tasha has been working at the pub for over 20 years and claims there have been several unexplainable incidents.

She often feels like somebody is walking past, while other staff complain that they feel like they’re being watched.

One time, she moved out of the way of a dog to find that it wasn’t even there.

Tasha often works late shifts so has vowed to keep her eye out for any ghostly happenings.

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