Congress claims that aliens are responsible for UFOs


Clear and precise definitions are crucial in Congress, where legislation is produced, discussed, and passed. Recently, politicians dramatically changed the definition of “UFO” in response to military aircrews encountering UFOs more frequently. The provocative suggestion that certain UFOs may not have human origins is crucial among them.

A draft law overwhelmingly passed by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence renames UFOs as “unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena,” as was initially reported by researcher Douglas Johnson. The scope of a powerful new office charged by Congress with examining UFOs is dramatically widened by expanding the term to encompass objects in space and beneath the oceans.

According to MPs, “transmedium” objects that “transition among space and the atmosphere, or between the atmosphere and waterbodies,” are now included in the amended definition of “UFO.”

Members of a significant body focusing on national security say that unidentified objects are showing astonishingly high technology by flitting between space, air, and water. The “transmedium dangers to U. S. national security are rising rapidly,” according to a study that accompanies the legislation.

It is difficult to accept that legislators would incorporate such remarkable language in public legislation absent strong justification. Members may have access to the top-secret sensor data that led the former director of national intelligence for President Trump to claim that UFOs use “technology that we don’t have and that we are not able to fight against.”

Most startlingly, “man-made” objects are not included in Congress’s revised definition of “UFO.”

Most UFO reports during the past seven decades have involved “man-made” items, including mistaken planes, balloons, satellites, or drones. However, “man-made” objects “should not be classified under the category as unexplained aerospace-undersea phenomena,” according to Congress.

Additionally, according to a legislative instruction, any objects the new UFO office identifies “as man-made” will be sent to the proper offices of the [Department of Defense and Intelligence Community] for additional investigation.

In other words, Congress is pressuring the government to concentrate on things that aren’t “man-made.”

Assume that the new UFO office spots a cutting-edge drone operating in a restricted area of the sky. According to the proposed legislation, the UFO office must immediately cease its investigation and turn the matter over to another government agency, regardless of whether the drone is Chinese, Russian, or from anywhere else.

This shows that there is a unanimity and bipartisan agreement among members of the Senate Intelligence Committee that certain UFOs are not made by humans. After all, Congress would not have established and given authority to a powerful new office to investigate non-“man-made” UFOs.

Make no mistake, the suggestion that UFOs may not have originated from humans by a part of the American government is a dangerous development.

Additionally, it is a part of a striking shift in government perceptions about UFOs.

Many high-ranking government officials thought that UFOs originated from “interplanetary” systems in the late 1940s and early 1950s. However, a string of inexplicable meetings in the summer of 1952 gave rise to concerns about Cold War national security among the military and intelligence services. As a response, the American government launched a drive to “debunk” and refute all UFO reports, regardless of how reliable they were. Officials ridiculed any claims that UFOs originated from other planets for many years.

NASA administrator Bill Nelson has asserted in conversations and interviews that UFOs seen by military aircrews in recent years may have extraterrestrial origins.

Avril Haines, director of national intelligence and America’s top spy, has not ruled out the possibility that UFOs had alien origins, despite the fact that Top Gun-trained pilots continue to believe they saw things that were “not of this world.”

In addition, when asked about UFOs, former President Clinton automatically brings up the high probability of extraterrestrial life existing in the cosmos. When questioned about recent military UFO sightings, former President Obama freely hypothesized about contact with alien species.

When the issue of “UFOs” was brought up, both Clinton and Obama assumed a somber, matter-of-fact approach after the normal chuckles and smirks subsided. A television audience was chastised by Clinton in particular for laughing when a broadcaster quizzed him on UFOs. It is noteworthy that previous presidents still receive the most exclusive intelligence briefings from the government.

Unsurprisingly, this amazing change in perceptions about UFOs is encouraging a more extensive and in-depth study of the topic.

For instance, political journalist and comedian Bill Maher recently proposed the theory that UFOs deliberately make themselves known to military pilots.

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He could have a point. The well-known 2015 UFO contact off the U.S. East Coast’s geometrically rebuilt flight path shows that the object reacted when a Navy fighter jet tried to sneak up behind it. The movement of the item was significant since it suggested curiosity about the aircrew instead of animosity, who finally “flew right up to the thing.”

A UFO connected to the now-famous 2004 “Tic Tac” episodes showed up on radar precisely where a meeting point that was only known to a select number of pilots and radar operators was located. Ten years later, a UFO was hovering at the precise position and height of the entrance to a military training range when two fighter aircraft almost crashed with it.

To Maher’s point, some UFOs seem to maneuver and position themselves in a way that alerts adjacent military aircrews to their existence.

This conduct is particularly noteworthy given that Congress has openly suggested that UFOs have extraterrestrial origins.

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