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The UK’s top three spookiest cities have been named as horror lovers ready themselves for fright night tricks and treats with interest in Halloween events surging by 38% versus last year.

London, Brighton and Edinburgh have taken the petrifying top spots based on the combined number of reported hauntings, as well as eerie events of a different kind, with the most in-demand spooky-themed events

Research by events discovery platform, Skiddle, reveals a rapidly growing fascination in all things spooky, creepy and Halloween, with 2022 set to follow the growing trend and the interest in all things haunted predicted to reach new highs. 

Based on the number of paranormal hauntings, and Halloween-themed events, the UK’s top ten spookiest cities has been revealed in full as:

  1. London
  2. Brighton 
  3. Edinburgh 
  4. York 
  5. =Manchester 
  6. Cardiff 
  7. Liverpool
  8. =Sheffield
  9. Bath
  10. Leeds

Spookiest cities based on the combined number of Halloween events taking place within the city as listed on Skiddle and within a 10 mile radius and number of reported hauntings via the Paranormal Database.   

Lisa Braithwaite at Skiddle, commented: “The spookiest cities hotspot list has shown everywhere across the UK is celebrating Halloween with events in one way or another and has shown just how much the UK has embraced the Halloween spirit. After the pandemic, the interest in Halloween has surged to new highs with events back and some even selling out months in advance. With more events being listed everyday the passion for being spooked is only set to grow!

“Halloween is a huge time of year for events, with something to suit all tastes. For the ultimate thrillseekers there’s scare experiences bound to bring out the screams and chills, but there’s also horror movie marathon events for film fanatics and even spooky city tours for those who want to delve into the world of the paranormal and supernatural.”

Some of the biggest and best Halloween events yet range from thriller movie marathons to all night Halloween partying to scarefest events to get the heart racing and adrenaline surging. There’s even ghost hunts to discover paranormal sightings and explore haunted locations, as the UK’s scariest and spookiest locations share its gruesome and grisly tales. 

Spooky tales from the UK’s spookiest cities include ghostly hauntings, grisly murder sites and deals with the devil himself…


As the country’s capital, London has seen its fair share of brutal history. Some of the gruesome murders are thought to have become ghostly hauntings, with some even linked to Jack the Ripper himself.

The Ten Bells pub in Spitalfields is thought to have been taken over by the ghost of Annie Chapman, murdered and mutilated by the Ripper in 1888. Not only that but the pub has had regular reports of poltergeists and spooky sightings by staff over the years.

It’s not the only haunted pub that could mean spotting a ghost whilst sipping a pint. The historic pub ‘The Flask’ in Highgate has not just one ghost, but two that haunt its walls. Visitors have seen the ghost of a Spanish barmaid, who hanged herself in the cellar having been left broken-hearted, looming around the premises, as well as a man in a Cavalier’s uniform, who likes to wander the main bar. 

If ghosts and spooks wasn’t enough, there’s another grisly murder that is thought to haunt London’s Farringdon. In 1626 the mutilated body of society beauty Lady Elizabeth Hatton was found in the cobbled courtyard. Those that found her reported seeing her limbs strewn across the cobbles, but her heart was still spurting blood.


Famous for its stunning seaside, iconic pier and a great destination for sports, but also for its pretty spooky sightings. 

Brighton Beach is reportedly home to a large white dog, the size of a small horse, which follows lonely walkers before mysteriously vanishing. 

Plenty of pubs, inns and hotels describe spooky and chilling tales, from the likes of an unknown voice calling out staff and customers by their first names, a barefooted dancing woman in a nightdress to a poltergeist playing with door locks, moving furniture around and switching lights on and off at speed. 


Edinburgh might be known as the city of literature, but some of the reported happenings are stranger than fiction.  

Charlotte Square, close to where the First Minister of Scotland resides, is thought to be haunted by numerous spooky spirits. The tinkling of piano ivories can sometimes be heard over the noise of traffic, with other sightings including a phantom coach, woman in old fashion clothing, beggar and a monk. 

The Corn Exchange pub in Leith has been known to be haunted by a crying infant who supposedly spent much of its short life locked away in a cupboard. As well as the sad cries, also reported by staff are random cold gusts of wind and flickering lights. 

It wouldn’t be Edinburgh without a paranormal experience leading to the writing of a popular novel. The Deacon William Brodie was supposedly an upstanding member of society by day, but a sly robber by nighttime, who was later caught and hanged for his crimes. The story influenced  Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’. Brodie’s ghost is now reported to haunt the Deacon Brodie’s Tavern as well as a nearby Close.  

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