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Haunted house: 30 East Drive, Pontefract.
Haunted house: 30 East Drive, Pontefract.

The property is reputedly haunted by one of the ‘most aggressive’ spirits in the UK.

Strange events occurred in the house in 1966 following a local family moving in to the dwelling.

What followed was several years of incredible, inexplicable events such as lights being turned off and on, plants leaping out of their pots and landing on the stairs, cupboards shaking violently, photographs being slashed with a sharp knife and an endless list of levitating and thrown objects.

The youngest daughter of the family also claimed she had been dragged, kicking and screaming, up the stairs, an event that left her seriously traumatised and with clearly visible finger marks on her throat.

Following local excitement about the spirit, newspapers dubbed the ‘demonic poltergiest’ the ‘Black Monk.’

However, it was only ten years later that an amateur historian decided to thoroughly investigate the hauntings.

He uncovered from local newspaper reports sightings of a Tudor monk who died in the area during the 16th century.

The monk was supposedly a part of the Pontefract Priory, a local Cluniac monastery dedicated to St. John the Evangelist that was founded in 1090.

The house is now owned by film producer, Bil Bungay.

Whilst producing a horror movie based on the strange happenings at the house itself, Bil saw the property was up for sale.

“After completing the movie, I discovered that the actual house, where all these incredible events allegedly happened, was for sale and it was…er, cheap – so I bought it!

30 East Drive is said to be home to the UK’s most ‘terrifying ghost.’

Despite owning the house, Bil is yet to spend the night there.

“I pay the council tax on the place and I promise you I have never stayed there and nor do I have any intention of staying there!

“Friends have since had the courage to stay overnight – smart, grounded, healthily sceptical friends. The list of things that occurred to them boggled the mind, subtle stuff, but nevertheless real.”

Whilst not a typical B’n’B, if the idea of spending time in a haunted house with what Bil calls one of the most ‘terrifying ghosts in history,’ is appealing, bookings to stay overnight in the property are available.

The 16th century ‘Black Monk’ is said to have haunted the property following his death.

However, Bil encourages curious visitors to not visit.

“There is definitely something deeply profound and intimidating in this house, so frankly I think you’d be nuts to make a booking!”

The house is a notorious spot for ghost hunters and people looking for evidence of the ‘Black Monk.’

A visitor who stayed in the house posted online: ‘This is the place where I had the most amazing phenomena. We heard LOUD footsteps above us and the light in the kitchen shook with the motion.’

With another simply calling it ‘a very haunted house.’

Bookings to stay in the house, as well as the house rules and waiver are available here.

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